During the summer of 2018, I interned for a game studio building a game app that uses haptic technology in phones to unlock puzzles. My role as game artist was to design characters, show their range of emotions, and create the design of the game. 

Character Design

The game is called “Happy Baby” and the boss character is a human baby, but all of the other characters are animals. The game attempts to evoke empathy between the player and their phone through the animals emotions. For the character design, I decided on the pattern of using gradation with a limited color palette. We played with the line between realistic and fantastical.

Emotion Stage Design

After designing the neutral state of the character, I was in charge of creating the emotion stages of each character throughout the game. The range includes neutral, sad, happy, and sleepy. The emotion changes based on the player’s interaction with the character.

Environment Design

Another part of my role was to decide on a color scheme and artistic feel for the game. The first environment to hit the nail on the head was the hair salon. Our team decided what we liked about it was the pop of color and the gradient effect. From here I decided that the game would be colorful and the each scene would be its own unique color.

Graphic Design

Other than characters and environments, I also designed the app icon, landing screen, and progression screen (pictured in above section). In the landing screen images, I experimented with the feels of the different names proposed for the app.

Game Release

Happy Baby is not yet available to the public. The goal of this internship was to create a beta version. The game will be released after another season of interns. Please visit Sneakaway Studio’s website for other projects or contact information.