Kelley Gardner Yoga

Lauren was recommended to Kelley Gardner by a mutual friend the spring of 2018 because she wanted a website to market her private yoga practice. Integration of calming and informative content was key to this website.

Consultant for The Hurt Hub

As of spring 2019, Lauren has been working as a consultant for The Hurt Hub’s Gig-Hub program, which connects students with startup companies and other professionals who offer short-term, limited-scope projects, or “gigs,” for pay.

Gig-Hub include a video created in After Effects for Digitome and building a website for writer Elizabeth Chaney.


Swimming World Magazine

Lauren worked remotely as a social media intern during the summer of 2018. In this role she managed SWM’s Instagram and Twitter on Thursdays by posting content and responding to direct messages and comments. Lauren recommended to the internship coordinator to switch the accounts to business accounts, enabling SWM to track the growth of 6,000 new followers.

Email from internship coordinator, Diana Pimer, acknowledging Lauren's idea to switch to a business profile.