I have been using WordPress since my freshman year, and in the fall of 2017, I took a class where I gained basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. Since then, I have practiced my website building and coding in various English and Digital Studies classes. All were built starting from a Bootstrap template and writing code.

August Wilson Research Site


This research project was created for a seminar course on August Wilson in order to continue an exploration of August Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle. It features two projects:  Reclaiming Black Culture Through the Blues and The Poetics of Scars in Wilson’s cycle. The former was originally an essay and the latter an oral presentation, both of which have been converted for the digital platform. Go to site!


The Death of Vine


This digital studies research project looks at the app Vine as an artifact, exploring the unique community it created. Within that community, it looks at how its shutdown affected the Black community and those who exploited Black humor, which I look at as a type of digital blackface. Go to site!




Code DNA


This site was built for a digital studies course called “Web Art, Design, and Code.” The goal of this project was to create a simple metaphor for looking at a websites source code. I compare source code to DNA. The interactive portion of the site uses an image map that the user clicks to call up different portions of source code. Go to site!


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